CSULB students aim to help alleviate housing crisis with sustainable 小房子

The completed CSULB "Midoori" 小房子 at the OC Fairgrounds.


That’s the most common phrase the builders and designers hear when 人 enter their minimalist but airy 小房子 – built on the Cal State Long Beach campus and recently relocated to the OC Fairgrounds for a collegiate competition. 

A group of Beach students and recent graduates spent the past two years working on the sustainable, 负担得起的 小房子 这可能是未来住宅的典范. The 850 square-foot accessory dwelling unit (ADU) – meaning it could house one or two 人 and be located next to a larger house – recently participated in the 14th annual 奥兰治县可持续十项全能, along with 16 other national and international universities. The house tied for first place in the energy efficiency category, 在工程和建筑方面并列第三.  

是过去几个月在CSULB捏造的 工程学院, 这座房子是用可持续材料建造的, 包括木, 聚苯乙烯绝缘, 结构绝缘板和纸粘土. It is composed of five separate modules that can easily be broken down and put back together again for mobility. 

根据项目经理的说法, 它比木框房屋节能50%, 而且用的木材少了40%. 它利用太阳能, and 95% of shower water and 50% of washing machine water is reclaimed and recycled for use in the toilet and irrigation. +, 通过现金和物资的捐赠, it has been considerably cheaper to build than other structures like it. 

CSULB微型房屋模型, on view at the 奥兰治县可持续十项全能.

“传统上, any time you put the word ‘sustainable’ in front of a project, 现在你说的是膨胀的价格,23岁的约翰·贝尔特兰说, 三个项目经理之一. 他获得了学士学位 施工管理 从五月的海滩. “We wanted to be able to show 人 that you can build stuff that can still be sustainable, 任何人都能负担得起的价格.” 

John Beltran '23 leads a tour of the 小房子 under construction.

小房子——昵称 “Midoori。” which means “green” in Japanese – addresses several key crises in housing today. 它遵循可持续建筑实践, 在这个气候变化的时代,哪些是至关重要的, 全球变暖和有限的资源. 

这是一项帮助解决住房危机的努力, 通过建立理想的, modern units for single 人 or couples at an extremely 负担得起的 price – in fact, 定价低于市场价值. This Beach effort – with an estimated construction cost of $280,已经有潜在买家了, 经理们说. 

“我们的碳足迹减少了,”贝尔特兰说. “我们对此想了很多.” 

Beltran, Takashi Hosaka ‘23 and Brett Workman ’23 are the project managers. 挂着阮, 建筑管理学教授, 项目总监兼建筑设计师, 和唐乐, 另一位建筑管理教授, 结构设计了吗?. 

五名来自设计学院的学生 艺术学院 还为室内设计做出了贡献,包括 侘寂 墙的治疗, 厨房布局, 台面, 连壁, 花瓶, 挂灯, 椅子和室内禅宗沙滩花园. 

Table made from wood, stools made from paper clay, Zen sand garden in back.

“我们为客厅提出了许多家具的想法, 非常简单的凳子、沙发和茶几创意,黄汉娜说。, 第三年 室内设计

“This was a really good experience getting exposed to the real site and being out there, 还能认识更多的人,Thi Vuong说, 也是室内设计专业的三年级学生. “It’s good exposure for us, and we made some good connections in the process. This is a really good stepping stone toward sustainability, 在住宅和设计社区内.” 

The 小房子 project is a prime example of The Beach’s aim to elevate the community and advance the 公共 good, 哪一个是综合的重点 无障碍筹款活动

This effort was supported by monetary and material contributions, as well as an online Beachfunder运动

内森和吉娜·弗林特, Tileco分销商的所有者, 总部设在圣玛丽亚, 贡献了资金, 石英台面, 这个项目的后挡板和瓷砖. 


“It’s always important to support our next generation of leaders and innovators,” the Flints said. “我们觉得与CSULB有一种特殊的联系, 尤其是工程部, since our daughter (Natali) is a sophomore in the 工程学院 at CSULB.”  

Two of the project managers have moved onto jobs at highly regarded construction firms. And all three plan to work separately or together on sustainable projects in the future. 

Hosaka said he learned a tremendous amount from this project, which has prepared him for a future in sustainable construction. 

“我学到了材料采购, how contracts are written up and different traits to build this home,他说. “如何与人合作, 如何协调活动, 在某种程度上如何管理资源, 不管是钱, 人, 材料和时间.” 

Takashi ho坂,项目经理
Takashi Hosaka '23 speaks to a group touring the 小房子 while it's under construction.